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Your diet & exercise days are over This statement is not true because weight loss surgery is very powerful tool which assists with the weight loss. Even though it does not eliminates the responsibility to make it wise, healthy food choices & engage in the regular exercise. Food choices & regular exercise will always be at the main point of any successful weight management surgery.

The things what you are eating will severely restricted after undergoing weight loss surgery This is not true because while the amount you eat was limited by the formation of a new, much smaller stomach pouch, the kind of food you eat, after you have been progressed & recovered from the surgery, are unchanged. You will be receives education on making right food choices to ensure the lasting success, but the diet was certainly not limited.

Having weight loss surgery was too risky Every treatment will carries some sort of risk problems. Especially if you diagnosed with obesity problem or related illnesses, like hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, gastric reflux & arthritis among others. What were the risks of suffering from health related consequences by staying at current weight? Please discuss with the doctor, and do some sort of investigation on actual risks related with the weight loss surgery.

Left with a big scar after the weight loss surgery - A few decades ago this statement was true, because to the kind of surgery which was performed. Yet, the majority of the weight loss surgeries were now carried out by laparoscopically, that means you will be left with very tiny mark.

If you have undergone weight loss surgery you can-t get pregnancy - It is possible to have children after undergoing any type of weight loss surgery. Yet, most doctors will advise to wait for 1-2 years before trying for the pregnancy. This is because of you need to wait till you have lost large proportion of what you want to lose and the weight loss has been stabilized. After the weight loss surgery hormones will get changed & the body will be nutritionally depleted till you stabilize to the daily vitamin intake. This happed because the surgery inhibits the absorption of the vitamins & minerals. All these things may affect of getting pregnant & are the important reasons why the doctor will advise to wait for some years.

Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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