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After the surgery, you needs to able to perform more activities every day with more energy & less discomfort. Finally, you will probably become more & more active & symptoms of any obesity-associated health problems will gradually disappear.

  • You will lose weight very quickly so quickly, in fact, that you might inquire about removing excess skin you can see on the body. The skin will not re-shape by itself as quickly as you are losing fat underneath. This was quite normal & many of the people undergo certain cosmetic procedures because they want the appearance to mirror the new, improvement in health status. Plastic surgeons will explain more about body contouring the following weight loss surgery.
  • After surgery, it is important to get move as soon as possible; this will be hasten weight loss & help you to recover. You need to start walking several times a day, & need to workout, it will progress depends on the ability & long term goals.
  • For those who were stick to it, the body changes will be very quickly & health conditions & quality of life may improve almost from the day after the surgery. The day after surgery, you should be placed on liquid diet. Over the following weeks, you will slowly transition to soft diet & then progressively to the solid foods.

Because the sleeve gastrectomy decreases the stomach to much smaller size, you can only able to eat small portions of food.

Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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