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Gastric bypass surgery will helps you to lose weight by changing your stomach & small intestine handles the food which you eat. After performing the surgery, stomach will become smaller. You will feel full & enough with less amount of the food. The food which you are eating will no longer go into some parts of stomach & small intestine which absorb the food. Because of this, the body will not get all the required calories from the food which you are consuming. There are 2 steps in performing the gastric bypass surgery:


  • The first step will makes the stomach smaller. Surgeon uses the staples to divide the stomach into a small upper section & a larger bottom section. The top section of the stomach known as the pouch, in this pouch where the food which you eat will go. The pouch size is like a walnut. It will holds only about 1 ounce (oz) of the food. Because of this you will consume less food & lose more weight.
  • The second step was the bypass. Surgeon will connect a small part of the small intestine (the jejunum) to small hole in the pouch. The food which you eat will now travel from pouch into this new opening & into the small intestine. As a result, the body will absorb lesser calories.

Gastric bypass can be performed in two ways. One with open surgery, in this your surgeon will makes a large surgical incision or cut to open your belly. In case of bypass, it will be performed by working on the stomach, small intestine & other organs. Other way to perform this bypass surgery is to use a tiny camera, known as a laparoscope. This laparoscope is nothing but a camera, this camera will be placed in the patients belly. And this surgery termed into laparoscopy surgery. The main objective of this surgery is to allow the surgeon to view inside parts of your belly.

  • In this surgery, the surgeon will perform 4 - 6 small incisions or cuts in the patients belly, the scope & instruments which are Essential to perform the surgery were inserted by these incisions or cuts, after that the camera will be connected to a video monitor which is in the operating room. This will allows the surgeon to see inside the patients belly while surgeon was performing the operation.

Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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