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Gastric Problems

(GORD) Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease was a condition in which the contents of stomach were regurgitated back up into oesophagus (tube that leading from mouth to stomach) instead of passing down into small intestine to get digested. In most of the situations the symptoms of GORD were mild & can be easily treated. GORD is sometimes referred as 'reflux' or 'gastric reflux'.

The most common symptom of the GORD was heartburn. This was a condition in which the burning sensation in oesophagus will cause by the acid from the stomach coming back up by the separating valve called as the oesophageal sphincter. Heartburn is a common problem occurs in obesity patients, it will cause because of the increased pressure within abdomen which pushes the contents of stomach upwards.

Obesity will also put increase pressure on the stomach & causing reflux. Certain type of the medications will weaken sphincter muscles. Other factors that contributes to the GORD which includes caffeine, eating citrus fruits, smoking, alcohol & chocolate or fatty foods.An endoscopy will used to diagnose GORD.

Treatment generally involves a combination of the medication and weight reduction was necessary & changes in diet & lifestyle. Weight loss can greatly decrease the symptoms in obese people.

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