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Any type of medical procedure will have some disadvantages & will cause certain side-effects, but intragastric ballooning will have very fewer complications when compared with other bariatric surgeries. The following side-effects which have been recorded are:

  • Pain, nausea & in some cases vomiting will occurs, in most of the patients a few hours after the insertion of the balloon some side effects will cause. Certain medications will be prescribed to decrease these side-effects. These side-effects generally resolve after few days.
  • An increased incidence of the gastrointestinal problems like gastric ulcers & erosions may also occur.
  • Up to 40% of the patients wont achieve the desired weight loss after the placement of intragastric balloon. In of the cases this is because of early removal of balloon because of the psychological or digestive intolerance.
  • Patients can regain as much as 41% of weight which they have been lost, after the balloon was removed at 6 months.
  • Infections will occur after the placement of balloon. Even though, any clinic or hospital with certain high standards of hygiene can be able to prevent such type of infections.
  • The most serious complication of the intragastric ballooning is risk of obstructions in small bowel. This will occur if the balloon leaks or deflates & then passes from stomach into the small bowel or duodenum where it will cause blockages which in some cases have been serious.

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