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As with any type of surgical procedure, the sleeve gastrectomy operation has a risk profile which is important to understand before undergoing the surgery. These risk factors can be extensive & not intentional to worry, but simply to inform you about the range of possible complications, not considering of how rare the issue or risk is.

  • Bleeding Postoperative bleeding will be required blood transfusion & sometimes reoperation. Bleeding may occur in roughly 1 - 200 patients.
  • Leakage at staple line-This is the most feared risk or complication of the sleeve gastrectomy. It will occurs roughly 1 - 100 patients.
  • Infection This requires treatment with the antibiotics & occasionally reoperation.
  • Wound issues- People with high BMI are at higher risk of the complications involving wound infections, haematomas & poor wound healing.
  • Other extremely rare issues As this operation will affects the function of the gut, some of the patients were unable to tolerate the adequate intakes of food which may results in the requirement of long-term nutritional support through intravenous methods, known as TPN (total parenteral nutrition).
  • Damage to organs Any keyhole surgery can be complicated by the unintentional injury to organs near the area of surgery. This may requires a repeat surgery to the repair of damaged organs.
  • Blood clots Deep Venous Thromboses (clots in the veins) & pulmonary embolus (clots in the lungs)
  • Pneumonia/ chest infection
Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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