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Preeclampsia is the pregnancy-specific disorder which affects 2 - 8% of all the pregnancies & remains a major cause of maternal & perinatal morbidity & mortality. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication which is characterized by the high blood pressure & signs of damage to another organ, usually the kidneys. Preeclampsia generally starts after 20 weeks of the pregnancy in a woman, whose blood pressure had been normal. Even slight rise in the blood pressure may be sign of the preeclampsia. Untreated, preeclampsia may leads to a serious or even fatal complications for both mother & baby.

Preeclampsia may develop only as a complication of the pregnancy. Risk factors which includes: multiple pregnancies, history of the preeclampsia and age factor. Obesity, was the major risk factor at alarming rate for the preeclampsia as well as later in the future cardiovascular disease. The risk of the preeclampsia gradually increases with the increasing range of BMI, even within normal range.

Excessive maternal weight gain is linked with the risk of the preeclampsia, even though these may be confounded by increase in the fluid retention with the preeclampsia contributing to higher weight. Although weight loss was discouraged in the pregnancy, obesity was a potential modifiable complication for the preeclampsia. Weight loss prior to the pregnancy will be encouraged in the overweight & obese women to decrease the risk factor of the adverse outcomes.

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