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High blood pressure is a common problem in which the blood will flows through the blood vessels called as arteries at higher than the normal pressures. Blood pressurereadings will be given as two numbers. The systolic blood pressure it is top number, which equals to the pressure in the arteries as heart contracts. The diastolic pressure it is bottom number, the pressure in arteries as heart relaxes. Normal blood pressure will be below 120/80; blood pressure in between 120/80 & 139/89 is known as "pre-hypertension. Chances of havingthe high blood pressurewill be greater if person is suffering from the overweight or obese.

Complications ofthe high blood pressureincludes: Heart disease, stroke(brain damage), kidney (renal) disease,hardening of arteries(atherosclerosisor arteriosclerosis) and eye damage. The main causes of the hypertension involves: salt sensitivity or high salt intake, people who have 1 or 2 parents suffering with hypertension will have high blood pressure incidence,especially abnormality of the arteries, that results in increased resistance (stiffness or lack of the elasticity) in tiny arteries (arterioles). Symptoms for the hypertension such as nervousness, sweating & difficulty in sleeping or facial flushing.


Changing the lifestyle will go a long way toward controlling of the high blood pressure. Doctor may suggest you to eat a healthy diet with less amount of salt content, exercise regularly, quit smoking & maintain a perfect healthy weight. But sometimes changes in lifestyle are not enough for treating obesity. In addition to the diet & exercise, doctor will recommend for medication to lower the blood pressure. Blood pressure medicines will works in various ways to stop or even slow some of the bodys functions which cause??the high blood pressure. Medicines which lowers the blood pressure that include: Diuretics (Water or Fluid Pills), angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), central acting agents, beta Blockers, alpha Blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors, calcium channel blockers and alpha-Beta blockers, vasodilators

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