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Despite the many significant benefits of gastric bypass surgery,some certain systemic & surgical complications were related with this kind of surgery. Most of the bariatric patients will have significant co morbidity, increasing the risk of postoperative cardiopulmonary risks or complications which may cause difficulties during the surgery.

  • Apart from the technical complications, cardiopulmonary & wound-related complications were the most common & most severe & can lead to the pulmonary embolism, cardiovascular accidents, myocardial infarction, respiratory failure & others.
  • About 10 % of all patients will have postoperative complicationslike bleeding from gastrointestinal tract, gallstones, strictures, obstructions, ulcers, urinary tract infection & other issues such as nutritional deficiencies in getting enough vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin D, thiamine, zinc, vitamin A, calcium & iron. It can also leads to anemia, encephalopathy & other type of disorders.
  • Patients with some addictive behaviour, like alcohol abuse & active cigarette smoking fall into group of increased riskfor the complications. They usually fail to stick to the diet & medical instructions, so thereby the risk of the poor weight loss & complications were exceptionally very high.
  • Patients who had dependence on the food prior to the surgery, they may suffer from the addiction transfer, potentiallytrading of the food addiction to the alcoholor drugs abuse problem. All these type of issues will lead to the weight regain & ground for the reoperation.

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