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Metabolic syndrome is a name for the group of risk factors which raises the risk for the heart disease & other health problems, like diabetes & stroke. Risk for the heart disease, diabetes & stroke increases with number of the metabolic risk factors you have. The risk of having the metabolic syndrome was closely linked to the overweight & obesity and lack of physical activity.

Now-a-days metabolic syndrome is becoming more and more common due to the rise in the obesity rates among adults. In future, metabolic syndrome will overtake smoking as a leading risk factor for the heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is having several other causes which act together. You can able to control some of the causes, like overweight & obesity, an inactive lifestyle & insulin resistance.

Weight reduction was very important for those with the abdominal obesity & metabolic syndrome. The initial target is a slow reduction of 7-10% in the baseline weight, with normal body mass index as an ultimate goal.

Bariatric Surgery is an Effective Treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome

Bariatric surgery was an effective, durable & safest treatment for treating the obesity. Modifications in diet, lifestyle interventions, exercise regimens & medical therapy were rarely curative & weight regain was common. Patients will rarely achieve the weight loss goals & generally regain weight. Diet & exercise plans were considered to be successful with weight loss of 510%. Pharmacologic treatment of the obesity was considered as successful if there was a weight loss of 15%. Studies showed that modest reduction in weight of 5% or more may improve the indices of the metabolic disease. Bariatric surgery has been shown in the multiple studies to produce the substantial durable weight loss & improve or cure many of the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome which includes sleep apnea, type II diabetes, hypertension & hyperlipidemia.

Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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