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Sleeve gastrectomy is a sleeve surgical procedure for the weight-loss,in which the stomach will be reduced about 15% of the original size, by the surgical removal of the large portion of stomach along with the greater curvature. The result was a sleeve or tube like structure. The sleeve surgery will reduces permanently the size of the stomach, even though there could be some dilatation of stomach later in life. The surgery was generally done by laparoscopically & is irreversible.



  • Initially in Sleeve Gastrectomy small incisions were made in the abdominal wall for insertion of the small trocars. A trocars has 15 mm in diameter of 15 millimere, or 0.6 inch.
  • Then the stomach is inspected by the surgeon. The blood vessels to the lateral side of the stomach will be divided.
  • A Bougie tube will be inserted into the stomach & serves as a size for size of the new stomach.
  • Starting from 4-6 cm (1.5-2.5 inches) from the pylorus (the valve in between stomach & small intestine), the stapler will be used to divide the stomach into 2 parts.
  • Initially, the stapler is slightly far from the Bougie tube to avoid causing a stricture. Continuous firing of stapler will be used to divide the stomach.
  • After the first fire, the stapler will be very close to the Bougie tube & makes a small banana shaped new stomach.
  • The stomach is totally divided into 2 parts. The removed larger part will have about 75-80% of original stomach volume. Once this part of the stomach is decompressed, it will be removed by a very small incision.
  • Once this part of the stomach is removed, many of the patients don't feel hungry after the surgery.
  • The new banana shaped stomach will have about 20-25% of the original stomach volume. Almost all of the patients will consume much less after the surgery because they will feel full much easier.
Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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